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Noom Walk is an efficient step counter that helps you set goals and objectives to stay healthy. You only have to turn on the app and put it in your pocket, something so simple that you won't have to change anything in your day to day schedule.

This app is so lightweight that it hardly consumes any battery and it allows you to record all the walking you do in a day, in a week, or since you first installed it. In this way you can get an idea of the distance you usually cover in a given amount of time in order to improve the distances you walk each day.

Noom Walk allows you to insert notes in order to help you identify in which circumstances you’ve exercised the most. For example, you can insert a note if you take the dog for a walk or if you walk a long distance from your house to go shopping. The more notes you add, the easier it will be to understand the goals you can achieve. If you have your device in your hand and you open the app, you will see the small Noom Walk figure walking as fast as you are, which will motivate you to burn more calories than if you were walking more slowly.

In addition, you can exercise with friends by linking your account with others who use the app to measure their steps each day. You can compare the quantities of each person at any time. You can also send messages that your contacts can read when they go walking or propose weekly goals that they should try to meet
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